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I lost my daughter 1/18/2018 she was born sleeping. I remember I woke up one morning and my baby father said katlyn u didnt wake up to use the bathroom at all I said that’s weird cuz usually she wakes me twenty times or just dont allow me to sleep. So I called my doctor they told me to eat something sweet and wait a half hr if I didnt feel her move to come in so I waited and it felt like hrs 30 mins later I was showered and going to the hospital I got there walked up the stairs by myself while my mother parked the car I got upstairs and called my baby father who was at work he was on the phone with em the whole time on video there was one lady she couldnt find a heart beat I’m laughing and talking at first them she brought another lady in I knew something was wrong so I pad attention then they leave and get a doctor he asked me to acknowledge there was no heart beat I couldn’t acknowledge but I knew before they told me my baby was born 8 hrs later sleeping it was the worst 8 hrs but the best I pushed her out and got to hold her she was due 10 days later why I ask God did he want her so bad and he told me babys born sleeping are needed by me. I guess my angel has more work to do for gos but honestly I see her all the time I see her in her brothers I see her in butterfly’s that land close to me. I swear when I’m ready to give up I hear her whispering when God’s ready for u he will take you mom but right now my brothers and sister needs tou and my beautiful nephew that will be born.. tianna rose mommy loves u and thanks you for getting me through this tough time of not having you.
Katlyn Raymond Ashford, Connecticut

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After trying to get pregnant for 11 months, I became pregnant with our daughter, Charlotte Victoria. We were overjoyed. I had a very healthy pregnancy with all of the parties and celebrations that come with being a first-time mom. We were shocked and devastated when we found out she passed away at 38.5 weeks. She was born on January 28, 2017 with the cord wrapped tightly around her neck twice; a rare and freak accident. I became pregnant twice more, but had two subsequent miscarriages later that year. I lost three babies in 2017. All medical tests came back fine; our doctor said we were having “extreme bad luck”. I became pregnant again with our son, Nathan Edward, who was born healthy on October 26, 2018. He is the light of our lives and a true blessing.

Nikki Spicer (MILFORD, United States)



Attached is a link to my blog/website which includes a short poem I wrote regarding my own still birth. If you think it will help others please release it on your site.

Kindest Regards

Ravinder Menon (Surrey, United Kingdom)

My first child was born sleeping at 36 wks in 1981 I have never gotten over it. I lost all the hopes and dreams for my child. My daughter was buried in a paupers grave without my knowledge. I was treated appallingly at the Registry office when I had to register her. I recall the Registrar calling out very loudly in front of everyone “I will take the Stillbirth now” the look of horror on everyones face I will never forget. I was not allowed to give my little daughter a name. Hopefully things have moved on since those days.

Susan S (London, UK)

Anne was born 15:05 25th March 1985 at 30 weeks gestation. However baby Anne had died at 28 weeks.
She was perfect in every way.
35 years later I mourn her as if it were yesterday.
With any luck the practices in hospitals have changed in relation to how grieving Mums are helped.
It never goes away,however in all the years that have passed I have found a small way of keeping Anne close…….
Season 1 Episode 7 of Castle sees Becket investigate the murder of a woman where her daughter is totally at a loss. The final scene the daughter asks Becket how do you get over it and Becket replies..”You don’t. One day you’ll wake up and you’ll find you don’t mind carrying it around with you. At least that’s as far as I’ve come.”
And that’s about as far as I’ve come also.

Margaret Leea (Darwin, )

My pregnancy loss journey started when I was 18 after becoming pregnant from sexual assault. I absolutely refused to acknowledge my pregnancy until it was too late because 4 weeks after finding out I had my first miscarriage. About a year later I met someone I loved and after 6 months found out I was pregnant again but at my 12 week ultrasound I found out that my baby’s heart had stopped beating and I was scheduled for a d&c that afternoon. Fast forward 2 years I’m engaged and find out again that I’m expecting but our excitement was short lived and I miscarried not even 8 hours later. Because of the losses and the stress of them my fiancé left me to deal with the aftermath of 3 miscarriages. Then a year later I fell in love again, we got pregnant 8 months later and got married when I was 12 weeks pregnant. The pregnancy was going amazingly well. For the first time ever I got to announce my pregnancy, I got to learn the gender of my baby, I got to buy all the exciting things for him, I even got to plan and send invites to my baby shower. But at 27 weeks pregnant on Valentine’s Day I started having immense pain and my doctor told me to go to l&d because she thought I was in labor. Upon arriving at the hospital we were given an ultrasound to check on him and after 10 minutes the ultrasound technician said she needed to grab a more experienced tech. That happened 4 more times before a doctor came to tell us our son had passed away and the pain I was experiencing was because I had an infection of my uterus and was septic. I don’t remember much from that point on but the sound my husband made as he walked out of the room to call his mother will haunt me forever. It was a sound that explained how I was feeling. A sound I hope no one ever has to make or hear in their entire life. A sound of complete and utter anguish. I had to wait in triage for 7 hours before being admitted for an emergency induction because so many happy beautiful pregnant women kept coming in to have their babies. I don’t remember any of my labor because they had me on more medications that I can count, what I do remember is going to the bathroom thinking I had to urinate but after sitting down realizing that I was crowning and my son was coming, my mother and husband started yelling for nurses to come in as I kept telling them I’m not ready for him to come out; sobbing and screaming that I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t deliver him knowing he wouldn’t cry. But I did. And we all held him and each other crying and marveling at how beautiful he was even though his organs were on the outside of his body and his head was severely malformed. To us he was perfect, a beautiful being that was too good for earth. We held him for hours before we finally let the nurses take him. I had the most amazing nurses during my hospital stay, they often came to my room just to talk to me and support us, and upon discharge they brought us a card that all the nurses and staff that worked with us signed along with some blankets they had our son in and a felt heart. But I think the most difficult thing about that experience was leaving; I kept telling my husband we had to go back inside to get him, my husband had to physically force me into the car because I couldn’t leave without my son. But I did. It took a long long time for us to heal and be ready to try again. And when we did we finally had a healthy full term rainbow after many storms.

Jess Head (Clovis, United States)

Clicking on the message the first post I read has my angel Baby boys date and is like it was meant to be. For my first angel Baby Boy JESSE-GARON born sleeping on 16th-Nov11th-2017 and my second angel Baby Boy Theodore Jordan Wilfred born sleeping on the 25th-September09th-2018 my babies your all I know and to me perfect yet time goes on and holding on or feeling of wonder or want or anger not knowing or realising the guilt or blame the sudden ness the hurt and loss the scary dramatic and darks in this world are feelings that might always be here there’s also that uniqness that feeling that look that smell that beauty that knowing that caring and knowledge of the links enabled when experienced the wonders in this world and the moments times n forever that Yous will always be I love yet want for you wonder but feel at peace in the comfort that your comforted until the day I get to comfort love and just be with Yous

Joan Louise Mason (Coolbellup, Australia)

My journey started November 4th 2020. I wasn’t feeling good for a few days and i was late on my period , i took a pregnancy test and there was a big fat positive, i took 3 more just to make sure it was real. My fiancé was just getting off of work so i had to hurry to the store and get some things because i wanted to suprise him. He got home and i told him to sit down and i gave him the gift ( the pregnancy tests were at the bottom ). He opened it and saw the socks and the outfit and was like what is this for and i said keep going open the rest and when we saw them his whole face was lit up. We we’re both super happy and relieved to know we would be having a baby. I found out i was having a boy and that i had some high risk factors such a preclampsia , gestational diabetes , high blood pressure and sugars. I was sent to a high risk doctor for those and also a cardiologist because we found out that my baby would have heart problems which took a huge toll on us. My very last appointment the doctor told me that his heart was starting to look better and i was more than excited to hear that my heart was beating so fast. I called my grandma and my fiancé and everybody and told them and theh were all relieved. Weeks go by and im 29 weeks & 4 days and my fiancé and i are going to get a 3D/4D ultrasound. Our son was so handsome and chunky weighing 3 pounds almost 4. 2 more weeks go by and im 31 weeks , on the night of May 6th my baby was moving so much. The morning of May 7th i didn’t feel him kick and i couldn’t find his heartbeat so we came to the hospital and my baby passed away. I had to deliver him so he was due May 8th 2021 @ 10:26 pm. Such a sad moment for us having to deliver a deceased baby , not hearing him cry or seeing him move was very heartbreaking. We will be laying him to rest in a few days but god had a reason for what he did and i can’t do anything but continue on everyday in rememberance of my son.

Briana Mosley (Lake Mary, United States)

I lost my daughter 1/18/2018 she was born sleeping. I remember I woke up one morning and my baby father said katlyn u didnt wake up to use the bathroom at all I said that’s weird cuz usually she wakes me twenty times or just dont allow me to sleep. So I called my doctor they told me to eat something sweet and wait a half hr if I didnt feel her move to come in so I waited and it felt like hrs 30 mins later I was showered and going to the hospital I got there walked up the stairs by myself while my mother parked the car I got upstairs and called my baby father who was at work he was on the phone with em the whole time on video there was one lady she couldnt find a heart beat I’m laughing and talking at first them she brought another lady in I knew something was wrong so I pad attention then they leave and get a doctor he asked me to acknowledge there was no heart beat I couldn’t acknowledge but I knew before they told me my baby was born 8 hrs later sleeping it was the worst 8 hrs but the best I pushed her out and got to hold her she was due 10 days later why I ask God did he want her so bad and he told me babys born sleeping are needed by me. I guess my angel has more work to do for gos but honestly I see her all the time I see her in her brothers I see her in butterfly’s that land close to me. I swear when I’m ready to give up I hear her whispering when God’s ready for u he will take you mom but right now my brothers and sister needs tou and my beautiful nephew that will be born.. tianna rose mommy loves u and thanks you for getting me through this tough time of not having you.

Katlyn Raymond (Ashford, Connecticut )

I still remember like it was yesterday. The night before I found out she passed, my husband and I were putting together her automatic rocker. Then just out of the blue, I felt her make very quick movements. I didn’t think anything of it because she was always very active. That morning I woke up and didn’t feel her normal routine, so I called the doctor and they told me to come to the hospital. That is when I found out that she had passed away because the cord had wrapped around her neck 3 times. I was 38 weeks pregnant on July 14, 2008 and her name was Brooklyn Jade and I still think about her often.
After the delivery, I had no support system or any knowledge about stillbirth at that time. I suffered alone. I also had a 3 year old who was expecting a little sister. I didn’t know how to open the discussion of pregnancy loss or the emotional strength to explain.
Fast forward many years… I wrote a children’s picture book called “Rainbow” by Je’Nai Kuhn. It’s about the loss of a baby from stillbirth, which is based on my own experience, but told from a child’s unique perspective. It’s a beautiful book. Hopefully it can offer hope and healing for someone during such a traumatic time. I know it could have helped me.

Je'Nai Kuhn (Manhattan Beach, USA)

To my sweet Kehlani. I miss you so much. Not a day gets easier. Your big brothers miss you too. I wish you were still here with me. September 25th is my least favorite day by any means. Until we meet again my sweet princess. Love mommy.

Briana (Allentown, United States)

My sweet Levi, from the moment we found out we were pregnant we knew without a doubt it was a boy. We waited for so long to meet you and each day kept imagining what you would like. Nov 23rd 2020 was supposed to be the day we finally take you home but God had other plans. My heart was ripped into pieces and even though I never got to meet will forever be my baby, my firstborn, my sweet Levi. Forever cherished and loved till we meet again darling.
Mummy and daddy

Karen (Mombasa, Kenya)

Abigail Patricia

God Bless you Abby

Mindy and Jeremy Mueller (West Allis, WI)


My first little girl….just 10 weeks on earth, forever in Heaven.

Debbie (Norway)


Dear Adriel, my dear baby, mommy sorry for not begin to bring you to see this world, I know that you are now in God’s care.

Cy (Malaysia)

Aidan Harrison Blue

Aidan came into the world sleeping on October 30, 2008. The entire family was so excited and anxiously waiting for his arrival and then equally devastated that he left us. But God had other plans. Even though I never got to see Aidan”s face or touch his hand, I did have the joy of feeling him flip all around and kick his mommy. That will be the memory that I”ll cherish forever, Aidan, Jr. and love you and miss you already.

Aidan, Your aunt loves you and will miss you. I know that you could feel all the love and warmth that we all had for you while you were in your mommy””s tummy. Your parents Dan and Traci are the best, and boy did they love you ! Be with us all as you look down on us from heaven little Angel. Your Aunt Dee Loves You.

Aidan, I will miss not getting the chance to spoil you rotten and pick you up and bring you to Virginia when you needed a break from your mommy. I know that God sent you here to brighten the lives of all that knew you were coming. Your little world was filled with love and your mommy and daddy loved you without measure. Rest Peacefully Little Angel Aidan.

Brendolyn West (Rocky Mount, NC/Deidre Bryant, Richmond, Virginia)

Alanna Jean

My beautiful little cherub, i love and miss you so much. Daddy and I think of you everyday. Our little banana “Too beautiful for this earth”

Deborah Wood (Hallam Victoria)

Alessa Rose Mulvaney

To my sweet beautiful granddaughter Alessa Rose, Who would have thought your tiny miracle would change us all. We miss you so much everyday. You will be right here in my heart forever. Till I see you again my angel. love Grandma and your family

Chris Wareing

Alexandra Paige

You”ve been gone for 7 years and I can still see your beautiful face like it was yesterday. We miss you everyday! Can”t wait to see you again someday in Heaven… til then, we will hold onto those precious times we had. Your brothers and sisters talk about you and will always know they have an older sister watching over them… you will always be my firstborn.

Philip & Erin Preiser (Canton, GA)

Alexis Jade

Lexi, mommy loves and misses you so much. Hayden too, he still talks about you all the time. Every year on Oct. 15, pregnancy and infant loss awareness day I take gift packages in your memory to the local hospitals to help other mommy”s who are feeling like I did when I lost you. You were perfect..I couldn”t believe you were gone. Your birthday is coming up, you”d be 6. I hope you get the balloons I (we) send you every year. I”ll see you in my dreams baby. Alexis Jade Ryan born still Nov. 20, 2005 at 30 weeks gestation due to cord accident.

Billie Jo (Carlisle)

Alexis Marie Dudley

I was 21 years old when I lost my lil baby girl.I was 29 weeks along in my pregnancy,even through she wouldve been 3 in November it is still really hard to see little girls her age.I miss her deeply,I still cry alot.My prayers go out to any other parent that has suffered this kind of loss.

Amanda Dudley (Kansas City)

Alivian Sage

Born even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined, missed and remembered forever! Although I was not able to physically bring you home you live in my heart each day. You are still our daughter (baby girl) and baby sister to your brothers. I know I will see you in the spirit world, until then I know you are in care of the Creator. I love you so much, Mom.

Jennifer Hargrove (Green Bay, WI)

Amelia Janelle

Amelia was born still on 1/8/19 and left us too soon. You were the most beautiful little lady. Thank you for spending 27 weeks in mommies belly. I miss you sassiness, your kicks, your punches, and how every time someone else wanted to feel you moving, you stopped. You never did want to be messed with. I wish we would have had the chance to watch you grow up- to see whole toi could have been. I guess God had his plan for you. Even though I will never hold you again in our arms, you will always be held in our hearts. I love you forever.


To my baby boy Andrew (31 weeks gestation)…If any child was more loved and wanted by a mother, father, and 2 big sisters, it was you Andrew. We loved you from the moment we knew you were coming. We took all the precautions and the tests to ensure you would have a healthy start in life. Why you left us so early we don”t know and will never know. Just know that I grieve for you everyday and will forever remember and love my baby boy. Love, Your Mommy.

Nella Rajpaul (Oxnard, CA, USA)

Annabelle & Bethany

Our sweet baby girls Annabelle Lucy & Bethany Rose. You will always have a place in our hearts and be counted in our family. Your big sister Grace treasures her guardian angels. Missing you each and every day, but looking forward to the day we will meet you again. All our love. Mummy, Daddy & Grace xxx

Paula & Brendan (Geelong, Australia)

Anne Michelle

Anne (died at 40 weeks during labor) we miss you everyday. Take care of your sister in heaven. We love you Anne.

Leslie Janezic (Upper Arlington)

Anthony Mark Zepeda

My beautiful little boy. You will be forever our Peter Pan. You are loved, remembered and missed every second of everyday. I miss your smell, your skin, I miss all that you are and all that you would have been. Forever in my heart. xx.

Aodh Cotter

Who created something so divine Someone like you And made them mine. Always, always, my beautiful baby boy.


Archie John Cooper

Beautiful Archie, Born sleeping peacefully on May 9th 2009. You are our little miracle. We love you son, Mummy & Daddy xxxx

Glen & Lisa Cooper (Crewe, UK)

Arianna Melia

My precious little angel left to heaven on September 1, 2011. At 40 weeks gestation, she decided that her job on earth was done. Although she left much pain upon her exit from earth, she made mommy and the rest of the family very happy while here. She especially made mommy very happy through her kicks and squirms in her belly. I have to admit that the months that I carried her in my womb, I felt the happiest and most complete. I will always cherish the memories she left behind. This was my first baby. She was very anticipated and loved! We will always miss our little princess! Her spirit will live on in our hearts forever. We love and miss you Arianna! See you soon my baby!

Mariela Perez (Los Angeles)


Our sweet Audrie, We felt your kicks. We heard your heartbeat. We saw you smile. We felt your love. We were so ready for you, my angel. Everyone was anxiously awaiting your arrival! We were devastated when we found out your heart stopped beating. When you were born your soul was already in Heaven. You were perfect. Ten tiny toes and ten tiny fingers. You were 8lbs. 9 oz. You were a perfect beautiful baby. We will never know why you died. Brokenhearted, we go on knowing life will never be the same without you in it. For a short time I had your body in my body. And now, though I have your heart in my heart and feel your soul in my soul. I will never again have your hand in my hand. I miss your life in my life. We miss you more that we can descibe but we know we”re only seperated by our time here on Earth. Can”t wait to see you again baby girl! Love always, Mommy, Daddy, and Gracie

Ava Elizabeth Kuss

To my darling baby Ava, I love you, and I miss you so much. Ava, you are constantly in my thoughts. You are a part of me now and forever. Though you were in heaven before I first laid eyes on you, that doesn”t mean we weren”t a family. Your daddy and I cherish the memories we have of being pregnant with you and the day we spent together in the hospital. Your time on Earth was brief, but your impact on us was immense and ever so special. Your Mommy, Kitty Kuss

Kitty Kuss (Ankeny, IA)


To my beautiful son Bailey,

You are my joy and my delight. From day to day you are ever present in my heart and mind. I miss you more than what words can say. You”ll always be my little man! A tiny bud, lent, not given. To bud on earth and bloom in Heaven.
Love Mummy xxx

Esther (Perth Australia)

Barbara, Johanna, Ch

Ich erinnere mich gerne an meine stillgeborene Tochter Barbara (1976), an meine stillgeborene Tochter Johanna (1979) und an meinen Sohn Christopher Marvin, welcher im Alter von 2 Monaten am Muttertag 1987 den Weg allen Lebens ging. Sie geben mir die Kraft für meine Arbeit, einsehbar unter

Gunnhild Fenia Tegenthoff (Vienna)


Benjamin born still on January 31 2010 at 32 weeks.My baby angel boy.I loved you as soon as i knew about you,i longed for you and counted the days.But God had other plans for you.I will love you forever and miss you allways.My darling baby mommy loves you.Hugs and kisses from mom,Gabriel,Joseph and Momme.

Karin Wikdahl (Sweden)

Bennett Grossmueller

Dearest son, it was such a blessing to carry you. There were so many memories created with you before you were born! You will forever remain in my heart and soul. My womb still longs for your kicks. Come visit us often and feel the love of your family always! xoxo

Bennett Grossmueller

Bosse Karlsson-Öhman

Our darling son There are not words to discribe how much we miss you. Every single day. We would give anything to kiss your little nose once again. We love you Mum and Dad

Johan and Maria (Karlstad)


Dearest Brandan. Every day we think of you and talk about you. You hold a special place in Mummy”s heart forever. We know you are at home in spirit and that you look after your sister and brother. We love you and miss you so much. May you find joy with the angels up on the stars. All our love always. Mummy, Daddy, Kiara and Jordan xxxx

Aimie (Brisbane, Qld, Australia)


I had two previous miscarriages. First one was just 8 weeks and second was at 10 weeks last two years and half ago. January 31, 2018, my husband and I lost our baby Brianna at 26 weeks of gestation. She was perfect! My baby shower was suppose to be February 17, 2018 instead it was my baby’s funeral service. We had her cremated so we can take her home where she belongs. We miss her and love her so much. She’s our first born and first grandchild for both sides of our families. She will always be remembered and cherished.


Angel Star

A smile we’ll never see,
A giggle we’ll never hear,
A cuddle we’ll never feel,
A play we’ll never have.
And now with God one thing is true,
Our love is always with you,
Forever in our hearts and always on our minds
As our little heavenly ANGEL STAR
~Always in our hearts, in memory of our beautiful ””Bridie Kate”” stillborn 21st February 2008~

Rebecca (Plainland, QLD, Australia)


You were so full of life, so active from the first movement we could feel. “That’s naughty, Bun” your Daddy would tease when you kicked me during the night keeping me awake. I used to wonder then you slept, there never seemed to be any let up on the activity. We didn’t know if you were a boy or a girl but we loved you with all our hearts. When labour started we were so excited, but also nervous. When we couldn’t hear your heartbeat always so easy to find, you liked to show off, everything turned to a nightmare. The scan showed your little chest still, no heartbeat, no breathing movement. 36 hours later you were born, a perfect baby, 3.7kg, 57 cm and with a full head of hair, you looked like you were only sleeping, we had to keep reminding ourselves that you wouldn’t be waking up. When your Daddy took you from the midwife and held your little body he said “That’s naughty, Bun”.

Sarah Fischer (Dublin, Ireland)

Caleb Michael

Sweet baby boy stillborn at 36 weeks on January 12, 2009. We miss and love you so much! There were so many people who were anticipating your arrival and already loved you so much. You are in God’s loving arms now and we will see you again someday. You will always be our first born son and we will love you forever. Your future brother and sisters will know about and love you too!

Miranda Harris (Athens, GA)


To our beloved baby, so alive in our lives. Each day is a challenge blessed with the remembrance of this perfect little angel. With our infinite love and missing you every single moment. Mami y Papi

Ana & Panos (Greece)

Carly Anne

Carly Anne,

We loved you from the start, two cells stole our hearts. We will love you forever.

Casper David Olson

=Taken too soon and no one knows why, we look for you – our brightest star in the night sky. Your memory will forever remain in our hearts, and our love for you will never end. My arms ache to hold you, my special baby boy. I hope you”re warm and safe, and I hope you know that we will never forget you. xoxo

Jenna Olson (Hartford, WI.)

Casper Onyx Sobotka

Forever Nans’s boy. Forever loved. Never forgotten. Your memory will continue to bless others!

Cecilia Lenn Romero

Dear Cecilia , My sweet baby girl, even though I only met you once and only held you once, I have known you for 7 months! You grew inside my belly I held you tight every night and Daddy & I will forever hold a place for you in our hearts! And in our lives! One day we will all be together and life will never be the same without you. 27 weeks Stillborn at 9:02pm on September 19th, 2011

Hannah Rodgers (Watertown)

Charles Joseph

My darling son, Joey, you are forever in my heart. Forever loved, forever remembered.


My beautiful daughter Charli, born sleeping 9th July 2005… So perfect with jet black hair, and ruby red lips..There is not a day that goes by wondering how my life would be different if you were here..I love you and miss you and long for the day we meet again.. Forever in God’s Nursery…xxx

Tanya (Sydney.)

Charlotte Mabel

Our beloved baby girl, Charlotte Mabel, was born sleeping on July 1st 2011 at 29 weeks and 2 days. One day there was a heartbeat and kicking, the next day there wasn’t.
My beautiful baby girl, I miss you so much, I even miss you kicking me awake at 5am. I will forever be grateful that I gave birth to you and that your Daddy and I could hold you at least for one day.
Thank you for choosing me to be your Mummy. You will always be in our hearts.

Mummy and Daddy xoxox

Andrew and Lyndell (Australia)


Chloe our little angel fall asleep on 10th march 2008 miss and love chloe so much never forget our little angel will always be in our heart the empty arms will always be in our heart love mummy daddy and your sister natalie shannon kayleigh.

Julie (London, UK)

Chloe Ava

My dear lil Chloe, born a sleeping angel 19th Nov 2010 just 6 days before your due date, we miss you so much, Love mummy, daddy and big bro Leo

Elena McLeary (Australia)

Chloe Jo

“Chloe Jo, always in our hearts, until we meet again, we love you & shall never forget you!”



Born silently Christmas Day 1977 the most beautiful little boy ever we will never forget you but have a grandson that bears your name.

Christine (Bundaberg, Australia)

Christopher David

When your life ended so mine could continue I felt so much more that I wanted to know you, and that somehow you knew and gave yourself for me. You were my perfect gift and I was your imperfect mother, I””m so sorry my son, we love you and miss you every day.

Christopher Lee Milford (Flynn)

Born into God’s care September 26, 1978. Your short life has touched so many, and helped pave the way to saving other babies lives. We love you dearly, and miss you deeply.

Pat Flynn (United States)


A year has passed since your birth – the hardest one of our lives. We miss you greatly, Connor, and think of you everday. We love you!! Mom, Dad and Carson

Eva Downs (Newcastle)

Connor Riley Rogers

Connor Riley Rogers my beautiful son died and was born at 21 weeks 9/20/2011. I love you so much baby and I will never forget the brief moments I held you in my arms. My heart hurts so much without you

Rachel Rogers St Louis


An angel wrote in the book of life my babies date of birth, Then whispered as she closed the book “too beautiful for earth” RIP Conor, you are greatly missed but always remembered.

Carly O’Donovan

Conor Darren Flynn

Twin boys born the 11/5/10 13 wks early but came along fightin to stay but conor my poor little boy you just couldn’t hold on any longer and grew your angel wings a week later. We miss you so much baby but we know you live on in your twin brother killian and you will always be around us, you maybe gone conor but you will never be forgotten. Love alway mammy,daddy,and your lovin brothers
we have our own angel in heaven

Petra Flynn (Waterford)


Dear Cosmo, eleven years later, you are still in our hearts, and we wish you were in our arms. Your beautiful Kurume Azaleas still flower for your anniversary each year…. Love always from your family on Earth… xxxx

Linda Male (Brisbane Australia)

Daisy, Grace, Franki

My Babies – you are never far from my heart. I love you more every day.

Love Mumma

Sallianne (New York, USA)

Dale Scott

Our beautiful baby boy was born sleeping November 5th, 2010. We miss you every day my little one. You are always in our hearts. We love you…


Dale Scott Handy

Dale – We love and miss you every day. You are always in our hearts. Love, Mommy,Daddy and your brother & sisters

Jenny Handy


Stillborn on March 26, 2009. Your perfect body, face, hands and feet. I will always carry you in my heart and I will never forget you, I ask you to please give us strength and heal us because it”s hard to let go of u. RIP my Angel!!

Maribel (Murrieta, California)

David Emmanuel

My little angel, my only regret was not to kiss you and tell you: that I loved you. I miss you very much. I lost a part of myself and no other child will ever take your place.

Jennifer Laraque (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

DeAndre Ali Burrus

My Baby Boy, You are loved and missed dearly. The short time i had to spend to you was awesome. Living without you is very hard. I know you are in a wonderful place, watching over us. You always be remembered and loved right here in our hearts. One day we shall meet again! Love mommy; God bless

Tamika (Vaughn)

Devon Dunne Heavey

My beautiful baby boy, almost a year since you were taking from us an became an angel, not a day goes by that we dont think of u, we miss you more everyday,we will always treasure the short time we spent with you, it changed out lives forever, i would turn the world upside if i could bring you home and never let you go, but i know your watching over us and keeping us all safe. we love you and miss you always Devon your always in our hearts, love mam and dad xxxxx

Rebecca Dunne (Naas)


Just Love

Cordelia Spalding (Norwich)

Dominic Mark

It”s been 8 weeks since you left us here, missing you beyond words. I still don”t understand how this all happened. This was not supposed to be our lives. You”ll always be my angel and will live forever within me. Dominic Mark Esposito, born sleeping on August 6, 2011 at 40 weeks.

Melissa Esposito (New Haven, Ct)


It”s been almost three years since me and daddy got to hold you last but we hold you in our hearts everyday. We never got to see your eyes or your smile but I know you see ours. Although we don’t get to see you grow we remember your personality well in the 9mos we carried you we learned how playful you are and I know that you are having fun with your nana and aunt. We miss and love you with all our hearts. Love mommy, daddy, sissy, and lil brother gabe.

Ashley Simpson (Lawrenceburg)

Dylan Chapman

Our precious and beautiful son. Forever in our hearts. Sometimes love is for a moment Sometimes love is for a lifetime Sometimes a moment is a lifetime Love mummy and daddy x x x x x x x

Sarah and Barry Chapman (Dublin, Ireland)

Éanna Martin

Our much loved baby son Éanna, born on 30 June 2008. You held on to life as long as you could sweetheart but unknown to us you slipped away listening to the gentle sound of Mummy’s heartbeat. Our lives have been forever changed by your special existence. We will continue this journey together my sweet soul. You are loved and missed so very much.

Shirley Barrett and Enda Martin (Ireland)

Edie Rose Adams

Edie Rose Adams was stillborn on 9-7-2008. She was and always will be mommy and daddy’s little girl. We love her and miss her always. I”m so sorry we couldn”t share this life with you but I know one day we will all be together. Thanks for being a precious little girl. You made us so proud. Love always, Mommy and Daddy.

Chandon and Lindsey Adams (Atlanta)


In loving memory of our baby Elijah (24 weeks still birth son). Always loved, always remembered….

Marlin and Regina Dinkins (Detroit, MI)

Elizabeth and Cody

You lived for a short time, only in my womb. The candles are lit, but no song will be sung, no laughter, of my little ones. If only they knew of the plans that were made by their dad and me. The birthday cakes, the presents wrapped… All of this was not meant to be, Since you were taken away from me. But the candles are lit, never to go out, for they burn forever in my heart, Love Mommy.

Denise (Patchogue, New York)

Ella Grace

Tomorrow you would have been seven my little angel in heaven, I hope your Daddy found you when he decided it was time to move to heaven… Although your life was short your lessons were so powerful and will affect me as long as I live…You taught me how much a broken heart hurts and how strong I am to survive a broken heart… Thank you to both of you…My family in heaven your lessons could never have been learned with out such great sacrifice…I will be eternally grateful to you…

Sonia Burgess (Kardinya, Western Australia.)

Ella Grace

Our beautiful baby girl, Ella you were so perfect, born still on the 3rd April 2003,You were too special for this world. Turning six in a few weeks.We miss you as much now as the day we lost you. We love you very much and know that your watching over us and assisted in the healthy arrival of your brother and sister. We will all be together again one day, but until then just know that we all think of you and love you always.
Mummy,Daddy, J & O xxxx

Kate Magee (Wyoming Australia)


Our little Angel Emily, you are forever in our hearts.

Jennifer (Brisbane, Australia)


Ephram Eammon Fulton Barkhouse was born on September 6, 2008. He died during labour on September 5, 2009, at nearly 42 weeks gestation. We were so excited to meet our little man, and he was so beautiful, but quiet and still. He passed from one mystery into another before our hopes and dreams for him could be realized. Ephram, you are missed every day, with aching emptiness. We hope that one day will be joined together again in that mystery to come.

Christie and Byron Barkhouse (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)


Mommy misses you more than there are stars in the sky. I am so numb from the pain of not having you here. I put on that happy face for your sisters and Daddy but my heart and soul are crushed – only get through with the belief that you are an old soul not needing to be here while I needed to loose you to learn how precious every breath is… Something you never got. You would have been my little prince. I love you my little angel take care of your brother Ben and be happy.

Denise (Virginia Beach, USA)

Ethan and Baby

Love comes with little fingers and toes and touches your heart forevermore. Remembering Ethan, Baby, and all our angels Loving you all forever and a day Mummy xxxxxoooo

Colette Murphy (London)

Ethan James Novosad

Our first born baby boy. We love and miss you so much. There is not a day that goes by when we don”t think of you. Its been a year and a half since we have seen or felt your touch. We wish you were here so that you could meet your baby sister, but I know you are watching over us and are being well taken care of by all of Mommy and Daddys family that is up there with you. Until we see you again…I can”t wait to hold you in my arms again! Love you SOO much.

Eve Grace Stuckwish

sweet tiny tender soul. you are sadley missed angel girl. we will be here to help guide mom and dad through until you meet again.

Angela (Zelienople)

Francesca Anne

Remembering my beautiful forever-baby girl Francesca. I love you very very much and will miss you forever and always.x.x.

Carla Maguire (Dublin, Ireland)

Gabriel Antonio Pare

We loved you before you were made. We had plans for you but they were not Gods plan. I pray that God will do for you all the things I want to do. You have changed who I am and I will love you forever. My sweet baby boy was made to fly in heaven. I love you Gabriel.

Kate Paredes (Rochrster N.Y.)

Gabriel Evan

Mommy, Daddy, your brother Caleb and your sisters Faith and Bianca Miss You More each day. You were wnated and loved before you were ven conceived. We will think of you each day. With Love From us to you. Spread your Wings and Fly Baby. 12/13/08 will be a day of sadness and happiness it is the day you were born and the day you left this world too soon. We will see you again someday, so till then have fun playing with your cousin Kevie and all your grandparents. Love you our Baby Boy. XOXOXO

Terry Julien (Elkton, MD)

Gabriel J. Pineda

Our beautiful Angel baby Gabriel was born “still” on October 15, 2010. He was 5 days past his due date, and our 3rd child. He was also born on Infant Loss Remembrance Day. We were unaware that this day existed, until we were faced with delivering our baby who one day had a heart beat and the next day it was gone. We will miss you and think about you everyday…you were so beautiful and we wish that we could have seen you open your eyes or heard your cry, instead you entered this world like a sleeping Angel. Mommy, Daddy, Big Sister and Big Brother love you!!

Monica Franco-Pineda (Surrey , B.C Canada)

Gabriel Joaquin

My sweet baby boy, Gabriel. Not a day goes by that I don”t wonder why after 40 weeks of pregnancy you could not stay with us. I wish I could have saved you or known why your heart stopped beating. Your Big sister, Isabela and Big brother Julian talk about you everyday..we miss you so much. You were the most beautiful little baby I have ever seen, and I”ll never forget the time we shared together, I will carry it in my heart always. We love you! Gabriel entered this world silently on October 15, 2010 8:28pm If you”d like to watch his memorial video:

Monica Pineda (Surrey, BC)

Gemeriah Tipton Owen

My precious son, I miss you more than I’ve ever missed anything and have grieved for you more than I knew possible! I cannot wait to have you in my arms again one day. Your name means “perfected by God” and that you were….too perfect for this earth. You are in my heart and thoughts everyday and are with me wherever I go. thank you for being our angel!! Mommy loves you!! Salwa

Salwa Owens (Columbus)

Giovanni Gordon

You where too perfect for our world. my little guardian angel watches over me and one day we will get to meet again. mommy loves you.

Denisse (Atlanta)


An Angel in the book of life, Wrote down our baby”s birth Then whispered as she closed the book… “Too Beautiful for Earth.” Born Sleeping at 39+ weeks. Missed SO MUCH <3

Jamie Hilbert (Mayville)


My precious, precious, grandson Grayson. In a month it will be two years since you were born sleeping. I still miss you so very much and will love you forever. I know that you are in the best of care with our father in heaven.

Grandma Tan (Suitland)

Grayson Chase Brown

My precious baby boy. It has been a month since you were born and Mommy and Daddy both miss you terribly. You look just like your father with your big hands and feet. We think about you and how much we love you all the time. I want you to know that you are very much loved by your entire family and we will never forget you. You will always be our perfect little angel watching over us. Until we meet again…


Gregory Mynes, Jr.

Our baby boy, Mynes, was born with no heartbeat at 36 weeks on December 23, 2008. He was beautiful and we love and miss him dearly. We are excited to meet him again in heaven one day.

Michelle Pettey (Auburn)


To our Darling Hannah,

I can’t believe it is six years since we lost you, our precious daughter, we miss you. You have made us believe to never give up in life and have made us stronger people. You are an angel and will always be our “sunny” sunflower. You in our hearts forever and cherish those very special short moments we had with you.

We love and miss you.

Mum and Dad.


Harrison Samual

To our little Harry, we love you more than words can say. We are so grateful that you were able to come down and receive a perfect body. You were so beautiful and perfect in so many ways at only 21 wks. We can’t believe how much you looked like Hudson. We miss you and love you and are so grateful for the knowledge we have that one day we will be able to hold you again. We love you.

Mommy and Daddy, Mountain Green.


Happy Birthday My Beautiful Baby Boy Born 15.12.2006. Died 09.12.06. Born Of Wind and Water, Yet Promised To The Sky, I loved You Since I Found You, I will Love You Till I Die. You remain always in my thoughts & forever a part of me my darling baby Harry, I love you with all my heart & soul, for eternity. All my love FOREVER YOUR MUMMY XOXOXO

Jenny Formosa (Brisbane, Australia)

Isabella Hope

Only met you yesterday, your lifeless body in my arms – beautiful forever and never forgotten. We love you Bella, always and forever. Mummy, Daddy, Paige and Abbey xoxoxoxoxo

Karen (Brisbane, Australia)

Isabelle Butler

An angel came from the book of life, wrote down my baby’s birth, and whispered as she closed the book, too beautiful for earth. To my dearest Isabelle, born sleeping 20.07.10 at 18.29, weighing 6lb 15oz. Isabelle was 6 days overdue. Isabelle you will be missed by your Mummy, Daddy and all your friends and family every second. I love you so much, sweet dreams little princess, sleep tight. Joanne Reah (Mummy)

Joanne (Leeds)

Isabelle Rose Brock

My beautiful baby girl, you were with me for 9 beautiful months, and will forever be in my heart.

Know that your mummy and daddy love you with all we have, and long to be with you one day.

Lisette (Australia)

Ivy Rose Vogt

Our Baby Angel Blessed with wings March 18, 2009.

Nicole L. (Vogt, Sauk Centre)

Jack Oliver Scriven

Our gorgeous little man was stillborn at almost 36 weeks eleven years ago this Friday (20 March 1998). I don”t think there is anything in this life as devastating as losing a child. We all miss our beautiful boy so much. We think of him every day and would give anything to have a cuddle of him – he was so beautiful.

Jean Scriven (Glossop, UK)

Jackson Maxwell

Our beautiful baby boy, born silently July 24, 2010. You are so loved and so missed. You will be in our hearts until we meet again, when we will be a family forever. Love, Mommy, Daddy, Andrew, & Matthew

Sarah Goodell (Phoenix, AZ)

Jacob and Joseph Kealoha-Lopez

To both of my beautiful angel babies, mommy loves and misses you guys too very much. I will always have you both in my heart and in my memories, you guys are forever a part of me. I love you my little angel babies in heaven.

God bless.

Felicia Gabina-Kealoha

Jacob James Leon

Letter To Our Dear Baby Jacob
We love You very very much And You will be in our hearts forever, Even if We had You for a very short tim We will love and remember You. We were so happy having You And so sad loosing you, So We will keep those special memories We have And will treasure them with love. We love You very very much And Theres no day our angel We do not think of you, You were taken from us without warning And left our hearts brocken and filled with pain, But we are happy we had You And We love You very very much. Even now when you are gone You are still in our hearts and thoughts, And while You sleep a peaceful sleep Memory of you We will keep forever. You are so very very special to us And thats how its will be for ever, And We will love You very very much for rest of our lives. Sleep beatuful Baby Boy, sleep You will be loved and rememberd for ever. Allways thinking of You, missing You And always loving You, Your Mummy, Daddy, Big Sister, Small Sister and all Family.

Kristine Laiva (Southampton)

Jacob Oliver Mohib

Our little boy you never took a breath from this air but, you are always in our thoughts and hearts. We love you more each day and I will make a difference to other famillies who lose a child to negligence. You will not have died in vain. We love you so very much and the pain I feel will never go away and the tears will always flow. Love us all.

Deborah Linster-Ali (Rugby)

Jacob Ward

On 7/22/2010 you entered this world way too soon. For what reason we will never know, but you are in our hearts forever and will be dearly missed. We love you, miss and look forward to the day we will be re-united with our Heavenly Father. Love you always Mom, Dad and your big brothers

Heather (Ohio)

Jameson Laney

Sadly missed and forever loved…

Megan Donovan (Tunkhannock)

Jayden Allen

Born to Heaven on February 10, 2009 at 34 weeks

Cindy (Fairfield County, CT)

Jayson Xavier Reynolds

Jayson Xavier Reynolds, our son, our first born, our sweet baby, you will always be. We love you forever and we can’t wait until we can hold you in your arms again. Enjoy Heaven, our baby boy. We love you so so much. Our angel. 3.1.2019 <3


Our precious daughter Jemima was born peacefully sleeping at 38 weeks. So beautiful and perfect, loved and misssed each moment of our days. Forever in our hearts love mummy and daddy xxxooxxx

Amy (Singleton, Australia)


Conceived out of love You came to us very very much love You were called to Heaven…leaving an imprint forever in our hearts!

Eliane & Mark (Sydney, Australia)

Jie Becskes

Not a day passes that i don”t think of you, cry for you, love you, miss you and want you. You are my first thought of a morning and my last thought at night. Your big sister misses you so much and sends you balloons to play with in heaven. Daddy is being strong but i see him drifting off into his thoughts where he is kicking the football with his little man and life is normal there. You have touched the lives and hearts of so many people. I know you are not alone up there in heaven because the day you left, you took a part of me with you, most of me in fact. Oh, what i would do to hold you in my arms just one more time baby boy. I love you to the moon and back!

Samantha Cox (Melbourne, Australia)

Joel, Emma, Hunter

Twins Joel and Emma 12.9.02 Hunter Joel Graham 28.11.04 and my 3 Miscarried angels. To my darling children, even after all this time not a day goes by that I do not think of you and wonder what you would have grown into. I miss you more than I can explain and look foward to seeing you waiting for me when its “my turn” All my love Mummy xxxx

Debbie Maree Graham (Tugun)


Jordan, 7-03-1997, not one day goes by beautiful boy that I don”t think of you. I see you in each of your three brothers and dad, who miss you too. I promise to live twice the life until we meet again my sweet beautiful boy. All my love forever, Mum xxxxx ooooo


Jordan Patrick

My beautiful angel baby Jordan you were and are so wanted and missed. You are in my thoughts every day and always will be. You will remain a part of our family, a part of our thoughts and a part of my heart forever. I love you and miss you xx

Maryann Parsons (Tamworth, Australia)

Jose Daniel Ramirez

(Joseph) Was still born on October 20, 2008. He was almost 35 weeks gestation. I still have not found out what happened. He was my first son, and will always be. Even though I never seen the color of his eyes or hear him cry or feel him breath in my arms he will always be in my life and my heart. And my children in the future will know of him through my words and pictures I had taken of him.

Ciarra Millard (Miami,OK)

Joseph Benjamin (JB)

JB, our angel, we think about you every day. Mommy”s grateful that she was able to feel your kicks and hear your heartbeats before you passed away. Mommy and Daddy love you so much! Have fun in heaven! In loving memory of Joseph Benjamin Miles, born in silence May 29th, 2009.

Maurice & Kim Miles (Chicago, IL)


My son was going to be our miracle baby, before we got pregnant with him, I had had three different failed pregnancies. One during my fifth month. Everything was going fine until I went to the doctors office having contractions. My son, Juan-Pablo, named after the pope John-Paul, was silently born to me on september 13,2006. He died for no reason. There was no cause of death, his heart just stopped completely. I don””t know why he left this world, but I am confident I will see him again.

Brandi (Portland)


You are gone from us but never forgotten. I think of you every day and every day I wish that you were with me. I love you so much and your absence will forever be a piece of me that is missing.

Jacqui (Sydney, Australia)

Kali Alyssa Brown

Kali, we are approaching what would be your 15th birthday, and I feel a deep need to share you with the world, and to make sure you are remembered. Your sister and I wept together for you tonight–I for all I know I”ve lost, and she for never knowing you. Your brothers, in their quiet ways, grieve the loss of you, too. They encouraged me with the love of their understanding, as they hugged me and allowed me my emotions. How we all wish you were with us. I long for the support I once had, when the grief and loss were new. I long to have someone reach out and say they remember. So tonight I must reach out to those who understand. I must share my grief and bare the aching of my heart. I must remind the world that you were once in my arms, and that you will always remain a part of my heart and soul. Happy Birthday, my darling Kali. I love and miss you SO much. Love, Mommy

Nancy Brown (Hudson, NH)

Karmon Anthony Gabrish

Karmon, I might not have known about you living in my belly for long because u were hiding under my ribs, but when I learned u were in there, I couldn’t think of anything else… U were my easiest birth out of both ur brothers n ur sister, I’m so sorry u couldn’t stay with us because I have missed u everyday… U r so gorgeous!!! I can’t get ur face out of my mind… My perfect baby born sleeping… It’s only been 3 days but it feels like forever without u… Thank u for letting me hold u n feel u inside me… I cherish the time me and u were together… Ur big brother n sister n I loved feeling u move all around… Daddy too … I’m not sure how I’m going to get through life without u, but I guess this is God’s plan n I trust that He knows best n I know He has u in His arms n there’s no better place… We will be there when He calls us home so b ready to c me running towards u to shower u with hugs n kisses. I can’t speak for everyone else but I already know what I’m going to do when I get to c u again, but I can pretty much bank on everyone else doing the same thing so b ready for lots n lots of Lovins baby boy!!! I miss u so much already… Thank u for being with me for as long as u were… My surprise baby, I love u more than life itself, all 4 of u…. I know u r our guardian angel now, n I can’t wait to c u again so until that day, always remember that we love n miss u like crazy already down here…

Karmon Anthony Gabrish
Born sleeping on 6/3/2019
36 weeks 4lbs 12oz

Love Mommy, Daddy, Kain, Kaylee n Kason


Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” You were mine and I will always love you, in my heart and soul.

Nicola (Jacksonville Florida)

Katherine Thelin

Sweet Katie, Momma misses you everyday. You should be 8 months old now. We think about you and wish you were here. Christmas is coming soon. We wish you were here for us to hold and play with at Christmas. I got an ornament with your name on it. I can barely go on without you. I love you with all my heart. Please come visit me in my dreams. With love and kisses, your Mom

Tara Mooney (Fairfax, Virginia)

Kavitha Reddy

My dear little angel, u were so beautiful.. lived a short time in my womb still i feel ur kicks… thinking of u daily, born still at 36 week it was happened on 4-09-2015 u would be 2 months old now …missing u baby with a grief.

mother (Kavitha Reddy)


Kayden, We felt your kicks. We heard your heartbeat. We saw you smile. We felt your love. We were so ready for you, my angel. Everyone was anxiously awaiting your arrival! We were devastated when we found out your heart stopped beating. When you were born your soul was already in Heaven. You were our first born. Ten tiny toes and ten tiny fingers. You were 6lbs. 8 oz. You were a perfect beautiful baby. Broken hearted, we go on knowing life will never be the same without you. For a short time I had your body growing in my body. And now, I know your watching over me and your father.Your in good hands with your grandparents and great grandparents on both sides of the family. I miss you in my life. We miss you more then you know. Mommy and Daddy can”t wait to see you again baby boy. Love you always, Mommy and Daddy


Remembering you is painful, but forgetting is impossible! Kayla baby you are missed and loved so much more every single day. Mummy, Daddy, Big sister Liana and baby sister Emalee wish you were here with us! Love you our Angel

Jeda (Sydney, Australia)

Killian Drake

My beautiful precious boy, you would be 4 years old now, not a day goes by that i dont think of all that you might be learning now and what joy you would be bringing into mommy’s life, no words express how much I miss you, need you and love you. I will honor you Killian by keeping your memory alive sweet boy, by being a good person, giving, loving and trying to make the world a better place. I am better because of you, Love Mommy

Keena Harding (Centerville)

Kooper Lohoff

My beautiful baby boy. Stillborn at 39 weeks January 15th 2009 due to knots in the umbilical cord. Words cannot express how my heart aches and yearns for you . Our family is incomplete without you. But although you are not physically here with us You are in our thoughts and hearts every single day , and will be til the end of our days. Sleep tight my little one until we are together again. Love Mommy Daddy, Kegan & Kennedy

Amy Lohoff (Creston Iowa)


You went away in the spring time, leaving my arms empty and my hearts full of tears…it took weeks for me to understand the precious gift you gave us coming in our life for a while. It was for your passage that daddy and I created a charity organization in Italy. It was by you, if a compassionate support is now helping in Italy mothers, fathers and siblings experiencing the death of tiny baby. From Love…to love, thank you for being a part of our life. mummy

Claudia (Prato, Italy)

Lauralyn Wells

Lorrie, our princess,our perfect georgous girl….you were loved so much, you were wanted with all our hearts. You didnt stay long enough for me to show you just how much, I didnt get to hold you, I didnt get to see the light of life in your left leaving footprints forever on my heart and changing me in ways I will never recover from. You will never ever be forgotten, forever and always loved, sadly missed every day

Susan Wells

Lorelei Beth

Lorelei’s in Jesus’ arms, Alive to Him alone, Awake to his undying love Within the heavenly home That He Himself prepared for her- Before the world began- With tender care unparalleled, Unmatched by human hands, Lorelei’s in Jesus’ arms, No sorrow will she know, He cradles her in gentle strength As father, mother now. The saints have welcomed to their ranks This precious, newborn rose, And with His family she awaits Her loved ones here below. Lorelei’s in Jesus’ arms Till Mom and Dad come home To join her there in His embrace, All tears, all trials gone. They’ll gaze in His all-knowing face. They’ll rest in His unfailing grace. All grief will vanish- not a trace of sadness in that perfect place. When both have finished well their race, He’ll stand and shout, “Well done!” In memory of Lorelei Beth Wiggershaus, who left this earth before her birth February 4, 2011 Lorelei, I love you and miss you more and more everyday. You are my perfect daughter. I so look forward to when I get to hold you again. All my love and kisses, Mommy

Amanda & Benjamin Wiggershaus (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Lucia Paz

Dearest Lucia, I have spent these months with you in my belly, the happiest of my life, Your sister would pretend to feed you through my belly button, We would spend hours singing with you, and reading you books, I have held you through these last nine months close to my heart, and close to my soul. And now, for the next ninety years, that is where you will live. I miss you, mi amor, more than the sun, and I love you, my baby, more than the sky, Life is so cruel. Lucia Paz . December 22, 2008

Angie (Philadelphia, PA)


Sweet little Maci, I’ll miss you until we get to meet in heaven. You will forever be in our thoughts, hearts and prayers. Everyday is a challenge but I know that someday we’ll be united and that keeps me and your daddy going. May God keep you safe in his hands until we get there. Love you with all my heart and soul. Mommy

Sonia Yarmark (Goshen)

Madeline Elise

My previous Maddy, how I miss you. Maddy died without warning during delivery, following a picture-perfect fullterm pregnancy. She was my son and daughters in-laws first baby. My life changed on Nov 12, 2003

Nina Bennett


My dear Makenzie you are my little angel that changed my life. I will never forget you and what you did. I miss you every day that goes by and you are not in my arms. I wish there was more I could have one to help you. You truly are my blessing!!

Love always,

Malou Amelia

My dearest Malou Amelia, I miss you more than words can ever describe. I wish we could have spent a lifetime with you. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I thank God for the 32 weeks I carried you inside me. Your beautiful spirit lives on, forever in my heart and in the heart of everyone who loves you… All my love forever, your mama

Stephanie and Tom (Denmark)

Mark Matthew

We still feel a void of incompletion without you.

Louise Pozzuoli (Mount Vernon, NY)


Dear Marley Bear I’m so sad you have left us, and i will miss you till the end of time. but I’m so thankful for the time we had together. I can still feel your soul, spirit and smile. Please come back. x x x x everything i do from now on..I will be doing for you. x x All my love forever Appyl x x x x aka… Mummy. x x

Emily Wilson (Noosa, Australia)

Mason Andrew Olson

I prayed for so long that I would get a son. I can not explain the excitement I had when we found out you were a boy. I could not wait for the day I would hold and meet you, the day could not come fast enough. Then it came too fast. You came and you left us before we could meet. My heart went with you my son, you will hold it forever, until we meet in Heaven one day.. now I wait for that day, it can”t come soon enough. Mommy misses you so much Mason. I love you and think of you every second of every day. You are with me until I hold you again. Love, Mommy

Heidi Olson (Anoka)


Our beautiful girls were born sleeping 7th October 2011. “An angel in the book of life, Wrote down your baby”s birth, And whispered as he closed the book. Too beautiful for this world”. Love you always, Mummy and Daddy

(Mel, Sydney)


I never knew that an angel could be so important, but since I had to say goodbye to you so soon after meeting you, I came to realise that I have met a perfect angel, an angel who lives in my dreams and will be forever loved, all through the time my angel you will always be. Maurice was a beautiful baby boy born still at 38 weeks.

Gabriela (Brisbane, Australia)


“Lord Lead Me where you will, but please hold my hand” 20th September 2006 (32 weeks gestation)

Monica (Brisbane, Australia)

Maya Simpson

Maya, I miss you and love you so much baby girl. Words can never truly describe how I felt the moment I found out. Giving birth to you was the saddest moment of my life, looking at your lifeless body. I kept you in the room with me until I left the hospital. All the while you were with God, you little body was next to me in the bassinet. Everytime I made a loud noise moving the bed or dropping something, I felt like I was going to wake you. I felt like you were alive, and you were just sleeping. I knew in the days before that something was not right, even though there were no warning signs. I feel like I failed you. You should have been safe with me, but I wasn”t able to protect you from whatever caused this. I will never forgive myself, and I will never forget your cute little face. I can”t wait to see you in heaven. Mommy will always love you, Maya. Always…

Jennifer Simpson (Sacramento, California)

Michael Kyan

I lost you 2 days ago, you were 23 weeks in my womb, and in just one day you stopped moving inside, and the pain is indescribable. I was so exited to know you, but life didn’t make my wish come true… I know that you will be in a better place.. but Mommy feels sorry for not being capable to bring you to this world…. I will always LOVE you my Angel baby… and always be remember in my heart!!

Astrid (Mexico)

Michael William

Little one, We were so anxiously awaiting you, but God had another purpose for you in mind. I”ll never forget the moment I finally held you in my arms. You”re the most beautiful thing your dad and I have ever seen. We think about you every day, and love you and miss you terribly. We take comfort knowing that God is taking care of you now. You may have been too fair of a creature for this world. Now, you will always be our angel. Praying for the moment when we can see you again. ~Mommy & Daddy

Misael Martinez ( Calimesa, CA)

Michel Real LeBlanc

My dear sweet Michel, There is not a day that goes by that you are not in my thoughts. You would be 16 now and I wonder what your life would be like. I love you always

Patti LeBlanc (Richardson)

Milos Moonbeam Hardy

Dearest Moonbeam, I was heartbroken to bring you into this world after you had already left. I will be thinking of you and your mom and dad, Abbey and Dave, all my life. Rest in peace. Love, your midwife

Karen Jefferson (Brooklyn, NY)

Mimi 1-8

I lost you all after you were conceived but before you lived. I couldn”t give you names or identities or even validation. No one seems to see you – the lost IVF embryos that never implanted, – you exist when some people want you to but are ignored otherwise. In the absence of an actual recognised pregnancy, apparently you never existed and I can’t express how deeply this continues to haunt me. Its as if the smaller you are, the less you have the right to be acknowledged or grieved. To me you matter, because you’ll all I’ll ever have. To the rest of the world, there is no platitude you can offer me, so please just stop trying. You don’t have to say anything. there is nothing you can say, and I would appreciate it if you stopped trying so hard to fix me and my “situation”. You can’t. It hurts, it always will, it not your responsibility to make it better or give me options or wonder why I didn’t try this or that or tell me about some new medical miracle. Please don’t. I”m trying to find my peace now and I ask that you respect that and respect the children I lost even if they only ever existed in a petrie dish. this is me … waiting for the day this will get better.

Carol Portmann-Macfarlane (Brisbane)


Mitchell stillborn at 39 weeks on 31 January 2007. Our moment in our arms, but forever in our hearts. If only….. All our love angel xxx love from Mummy & Daddy, and Caitlin Luke & Annie

Kelly (Grenfell, NSW, Australia)


Rest in Peace baby girl! Morgan will always be remembered and loved.

Love, Mommy and Daddy

Fly High!

My firstborn little

June 18 and 2:15 pm will have been your 34 birthday,my first born little baby girl.I never had the change to hold you,kiss you or say goodby,just a glimse of you on the nurses arms taking away.I am still feeling the pain especially on your birthday.No name just my firstborne little girl…..

Katina (Jacksonville)

My sweet baby girl

To my sweet baby girl, Even though we never met because (daddy and I lost you then I was 23 weeks pregnant) you were stillborn, we miss you everyday. We will never forget you and we will continue to love you even though God took you from us way too early. It was very hard to do and a very hard decision to make, daddy and I are so happy that we were able to see you while I was in the hospital. RIP baby girl.

Love always, Mommy

Noah Joshua

Noah, Mommy and Daddy miss you very much! We will never forget you and you will always be in our hearts. Until we meet again our son. May you rest in peace.

Veronica Serna (Lodi)

Olivia Rose Almsted

There is not a day that goes by that I dont long for you. My heart is filled with sadness each and everyday knowing that you are not here with me! I know you are in a better place though looking down on me and helping mommy get through each and everyday! You will ALWAYS be loved and missed olivia! Untill mommy gets to heaven, stay my little angel and i cant wait untill we meet again and this time i wont have to let you go ever!!! Love, Mommy, Daddy, and your big brother Jayden

Sara Hendrix (South Saint Paul, MN)

Ophelia Maria Holtz

Gone too soon. September 24, 2011 1lb 9oz 13in. 26 weeks Mommy and Daddy miss you so much. You will be in our hearts always.

Daneyda (Chicago)

Owen & Ellie Goetz

We remember our precious twin babies who celebrated their first birthday in heaven on September 17, 2008.

Dana (Ankeny, IA)

Owen Wade Bailey

Owen, Owen was born May 20, 2008 at 1:41 a.m. He was the most beautiful baby boy i”ve ever seen. Mommy misses you so much everyday but i know god had more important plans for you. It helps me to know i helped god make such a preacious gift. I love you so much and you’ll never be forgotten. love mommy and daddy

Ariel Bsiley (Bean Station)

Peter Anthony

Dear Peter,
It has been one week since I lost you and I miss you so much. I’m so sorry I couldn’t be a mommy to you. You are so loved and wanted. I love you my sweet, precious perfect son. Thank you for coming in to my life even though I wanted more time with you. You will always be remembered. Love you my handsome beautiful boy.

Pippa Louise

To Our Beautiful Little Girl, Our Darling Pippa, We will never forget the first time we saw your sweet little face or the sadness we feel at losing you. You will never be forgotten, you are part of hearts and souls and we will wait with your brother and sisters for the day we can hold you once again. We love you sweetheart. Pippa Louise Lindsay Born sleeping on 16.09.11 – 23 weeks

Cathy Lindsay (Sydney Australia)

Quinn August

We miss you so much, Quinn bear. I will never forget your beautiful face and how much you looked like Daddy.

Quinten Johnson Gordon (6.17.18)

Oh sweet Baby Quin how we love you so much, and wish we could have you in our arms. We miss you darling boy, our precious and perfect first child. You are forever in our hearts and we will think of you in the breeze, in the sun, in the sky. You are our light. Your mommy and daddy will stay strong for you, though our hearts are breaking. Thank you for making us parents.

Ramil Layton

On October 31, 2008, I lost my firstborn son. Empty arms and an aching heart remind me each day what could have been. My angel baby boy you are loved more than anyone can know. Memories of you are cherished and remembered always. You are missed and loved. Mommy”s sorry that she was not able to bring you out into the world. I know you are in God”s hand, and i look forward to the day i hold yours with mine. I love you so much, my sweet, baby boy.

Evelyn (Henryville, IN)

Robert Pittman, III

We called him “Tre” because he was the third! he was as beautiful as an angel painted by one of the painters of the baby angels! he was 7lbs 2oz, 21 inces long. he was born on new years day! He loved going to church…he”d get especially happy when the choir would sing! we couldn”t wait 2 meet him, but i can say, even though we did not, i”m proud he”s in the place that i hope to be!

Keshia Pittman (Raleigh, NC)

Róisín Hayes

Róisín, You may have only been in our lives for a short while, but the imprint you left behind is immeasurable, it is because of you that I have had the strength to with others set up Féileacáin and help in some small way other families who are grieving their own beloved babies, and maybe by working with others we can help reduce the number of families who will have to go through this. It is my way of ensuring that you are never forgotten. You are always loved and thought about, all our love, hugs and kisses, Mammy, Daddy, Aoife, Ciara and Paddy. We see you all around us everywhere, in the stars at night, the butterflies dancing in the breeze, and the roses, you are always our little rose xxxxxxxxx

Helen Hayes (Cork, Ireland)

Rontei Terell

Dedicated to the memory of my son born and sent to Heaven on October 11, 2008. You will always be the brightest star in my sky. I love you.

Victoria (Bakersfield)


The Flowers flee from Autumn, but not you– you are the fearless rose that grows amidst the freezing wind. Pouring down like the rain from heaven you fell upon the rooftop of this world. Then you ran in every direction and escaped through the drain spout… Now the words are over and the pain they bring is gone. Now you have gone to rest In the arms of the Beloved. –Rumi for Rose, born and gone, May 6 2011

Anne and Simon (London)


Ruby Born still, 10 January 2008 at 40 weeks and 3 days Ruby girl, we love you, and miss you every day, wishing with all our hearts that you were here. We know that the same hands that hold us are holding you, and we look forward to the day when we”ll see you again! Love, mum, dad, Ella, Lewie, Finn and your new little brother or sister, due April ”09

Philippa and Rod (Melbourne, Australia)

Ruby Alula

My beautiful angel was born sleeping 28th February 2009. We miss you so much Ruby you were so breathtakingly beautiful and we will never forgot you. You will always be my first born. All the love in the world, your mummy and daddy x x x

Gemma Coats (London)


Living within me….the part of you I get to keep.

Ron Smith-Murphy (Dublin, Ireland)

Rylea Marie

My precious angel Rylea died at 20 weeks. I know that she is being held in Jesus’ arms and that I will one day see her beautiful face. I miss her. I love her and I will remember her always.

Lisa Robert (Lake Dallas)

Sai Krish

Baby i love u so much.i never got to see u i never heard ur voice,felt u in my hands but i feel u in my heart ….ur always there in my thoughts…. in my my breath…ur my soul baby i miss u so much i am so sorry i dont know what happened that i missed u sweety if i knew it i would do anything to get u back sweety i am very sorry baby i will never forgive myself for what happened to u. u where born sleeping and now, i believe you are in the palm of God and he will take care of you better than me but remember baby i love u so much pls forgive me if i had done anything wrong …i know i can never set things right but u dwell in my heart and soul i love u baby

Elle (India)


Samuel, mi pequeño ángel, Dios permitió que viera lo hermoso que eras y así durmiendo a tus casi 9 meses gestados, un 1 de septiembre te deje ir amandote tanto y esperando, anhelando, soñando tu llegada. Nos volveremos a ver, tu papi y yo nos reuniremos si Dios nos permite. Te amamos mi cielo bello.


Samuel…Just twelve weeks on earth, forever in Heaven. We will meet again.

Debbie (Norway)

Samuel Gross

My beautiful son, its been 3 years since we met, held you and said goodbye to you. I miss you every day and wish I could mourn you as openly as anyone else who has lost someone. Your little brother will be 2 soon and I like to think that you might have helped him in some way to make it here. They say time heals all wounds, I think the person who coined the phrase never lost their angel the way we lost you. We will love you forever and you are forever our son, our sweet Samuel Born into heaven on March 19th 2008 at 27 weeks gestation.

Jill Cresey-Gross (Westford, Ma)


To my baby girl. We all miss you and still come to terms with what our family has lost. Your Mum and Dad and your brother and sister will talk about you and remember you forever. The minutes I got to hold you were as special as they were fleeting and I will treasure your time in my life until I die. Love you sweetie x

Darryl (Auckland, New Zealand)

Scarlett Clair

Our beautiful sleeping angel Scarlett, we so looked forward to meeting you and building our lives around you, the best 9 months of our lives, waiting for your arrival. But life with you was not to be as we heard those fateful words ”there”s no heartbeat”. All our plans, hopes and dreams, shattered in a second, gone forever. We miss you so much Scarlett and will never forget you, in our hearts and dreams forever xXx

Justine Coates (Portchester)


Dearest Sean,

Although I know you are always with us, we miss your physical presence tremendously. You are, and will always be, a part of our family laughs, kisses, and hugs. We will never forget our nine amazing and blessed months together. As our love grows, let’s play, sing, and dance together always. Until we meet again. With all our Love, Dad, Mom, Sydney, Ella, and Chino

Jay Crespo (Burlingame, CA)


My beautiful baby boy, Not a day goes by that my heart does not ache for you… Not an hour goes by that I do not long to hold you in my arms again… Not a second goes by that I do not think of you… A lifetime of your memory to hold dear, An eternity to miss you. I love you more than life itself, Love Mummy

Sonja (Melbourne)

Shyam RCR Sangani

Love possesses not nor will it be possessed, for love is sufficient unto love

Hemi Sangani (Highland Park)

Skyla Hope Barrett

This experience has had a powerful influence on the way I see certain things, for example, I never realized how strong of a woman my wife is until this happened to us on October 18, 2010. Also it makes me want to cherish everything that our future has to hold with our other children. WE have three other children 2 girls and 1 boy. Skyla Hope would have been daughter number three, however the worse thing happened and we were unable to hear her cry for the first time, hear her laugh for the first time, so many other things. It has been tough on everyone in our family, including my two youngest kids. My son is 11 years old and my youngest daughter is 10. This has been extremely tough on my youngest girl. My oldest is 14 years old, so she is handling it a little better than I expected. The thing we wanted the most was to bring our baby Skyla home with us, we had her cremated and she is home with us now. She will always be on our mind and in our hearts. I guarantee she is being looked after by all our family that has crossed over……. WE LOVE YOU SKYLA HOPE BARRETT R.I.P.

Grant (Kings Mountain, N.C)

Sofia Mary Ricaurte

We will miss and love our little girl for the rest of our lives. Though we had a short time with Sofia, she brought such light and love to us and our family. She will live in our hearts and minds always.

Kelly and Brian Ricaurte

Sofia Rose

We love and miss you every day, our little Sofia Rose! Stillborn on 10-12-10 | Our Angel of Wisdom Love, Mommy & Daddy

Lia Larson (Omaha)

Sophie Kanati

So small, so sweet, so soon. We will never forget 3rd November, 2005.

Gina Kanati (Wollongong, Australia)

Soraya Rose

My darling daughter Soraya Rose, born still 27 November 2002 at 39 weeks, 6 days. Like a beautiful butterfly landing on a delicate petal, so you touched our lives. You were just too perfect for this world. Your footprints will remain always on my heart. My life, forever changed. I will miss you always. Mum.

Natasha Donnolley (Salamander Bay)


Brooke Miscarried 20 October 1995, Allan Stillborn 12 January 1998, Morgan Miscarried 8 December 2003, Emily Miscarried 27 February 2004, Theresa vanishing triplet 16 February 2007 sister to my surviving twins. Noah who lived for 4 1/2 hours before peacefully passing away 15 April 2008, I will always love you. Darhlia – mummy to 13: 7 on earth and 6 in heaven.

Darhlia Spindler (Killarney, QLD, Australia)

Stella Concetta

So many unanswered questions I believed you to be safe inside of me So naive I thought everything was fine If only I could have saved you If only you were born-you would have thrived If only life were different then life would be different I will forever be in love with you, my beautiful angel.

Mandi (Smithtown, NY)


My sweet little angel Sulaiman, you will be loved and cherished forever. You were too precious for this world. Mommy and Abbu will never forget you. You traveled to such far off and holy places while in my womb and gave me a sense of completeness. I knew what you looked like from my dreams even though I never held you or saw ur angelic face. Your older sister will never know you or get to play with you, but you will wait for us in heaven. I wish time heals my wounds so that I can remember you with a smile on my face instead of these tears of misery. I felt alive with your incessant kicking and punching and the day I got to know u were a boy was the happiest day of my life. Rest peacefully in heaven my sweet son and wait for me.


My little princess, we still miss you and always will. we don”t know how we survived losing you but we did, so we will continue to search for ways to honour your memory. Butterfly kisses baby girl. love you forever.

Laura (Wellington)

Terry Arlen Byas Jr.

To my sweet angel, I loved from the moment I found out about you. There’s not a day that goes by I don’t cry for you. Happy 4th Birthday! January 15th, 2009.

Stacy Byas (Grove City)


Our Tessa, you are missed so very much each day. We are reminded of you by so many things – passing butterflies, sunshine and rain, mornings and last thing at night. We wish we could watch you grow and smile and laugh… we wish you could wake us up in the night time because you needed a feed or a cuddle. We wish for so many things… We all send our love precious girl, Mummy, Daddy and your little brother Jobe. xxxxx

Emily (Narrabri)

Thomas Elijah Looker

Our darling little man, we loved to feel you kick in mummy’s belly, we felt that we knew you so well. Our firstborn little son, how we looked forward to your birth. We were so excited! You we so active and responded to noise, especially when I rattled in the cutlery drawer, you would kick happily. Often your boisterousness would keep me up late at night. Then during one night, you went still. I didn’t know then, but you had left us. I couldn’t feel your kicks the next morning, and when I rattled the cutlery drawer and you didn’t move, I knew something was wrong. We went to the hospital and an ultrasound told us you had left us. It broke our hearts, how could this happen only one week before your due day? Baby boy we miss you so much. My heart is broken over your loss. I ached to hold you in my arms, and I know daddy feels the same. I cry sometimes just thinking about the special times we were going to have, all the lovely things we were going to do together. We now have your lovely little sister Chloe, who you will never meet but we will tell her all about you. You are always a part of our family and we will talk about you to keep your memory alive. One day we will meet again, love. Hugs and kisses, love always from mummy and daddy and Chloe x x x

Bianca Looker (Llangothlin NSW Australia)


I loved you from the moment we created you and my heart broke when they told me your heart was no longer beating, from that point i feel like my own heart too no longer beats. I miss you more than mere words can express and i don”t know how to live this life without you….Mommy & Daddy Love You Tiernan… Our Heart..

Vicky (Vancouver, Canada.)

Toby Kevin Gable

My Precious Son Toby Stillborn At 32 Weeks. My Heart Will Always Ache For You My Adorable Baby Boy.You Went To Be With Jesus.I Guess He Needed Another Angel In Heaven. I I Look Forward To Holding You In My Arms Someday. Until We Meet In Heaven. Theres Never A Day That Goes By That I Wonder Why You Got Taken From Me So Soon. Love, Mommy

Lisa Jill Gable (Bonita Springs)

Uma Castro Cassidy

Uma, we all miss you every day and think about the little girl you would have been. You will be forever in my heart as my first niece.

Lots of love always, your self appointed godmother, Leo xxxxx


Remembering you, the family misses you.

Julia (Sydney, Australia)


Viola, la mia bambina bellissima ed amata, la mia farfallina che mi ha lasciato troppo presto. Ti amo tanto e mi manchi da impazzire, la tua mamma per sempre.

Francesca (Brescia, Italy)

Wilder Daniel Leisher

Our precious daughter Susannah gave birth to our first grandchild, Wilder, on July 13, 1998. A perfect baby at near-full term, cause of his death is unknown. I was so ready for him! We were all so ready for him!! The wound in my heart is there still, never to be truly healed.

Wiley Joseph Cooper

Our joys will be greater Our love will be deeper Our lives will be fuller Because we shared your moments We love you and miss you our darling boy. All our love, Mommy and Daddy

Laura D. and Madison Cooper (Austin, TX)

Winstron Jr

To our baby boy Winston Jr (32 weeks gestation), if any child was more loved and wanted by a mother, father, 3 big sisters, grandparents, aunts and uncles it was you Winston Jr. We loved you from the moment we knew you were coming. We took all the precautions and the tests to ensure you would have a healthy start in life. Why you left us so early we don’t know and will never know. Just know that I grieve for you every day and will forever remember and love my baby boy. Love, Your Mami, Papi & Vanessa, Catheryne & Amelya

Frederick (Maryland)

Wren Dawn

We miss you so much baby girl. We lost you on March 4th, 2011, but we will never forget you. Mommy and Daddy love you so much. Our hearts are broken.

Kara Stoski (Saskatoon)

Yasminah Ann

Born Still, but Still Born – Yasminah Ann was born sleeping at 37 weeks and 4 days old on Thursday 26th March 2009 weighing 2.38kg 50cm long. We are thankful for the time we did get to spend with you and will always remember you in our hearts forever. We love and miss you more and more every day. Some people only dream of angels we got to hold one in our arms Mummy, Daddy and your Big Brother Zach x x x

Rebecca (Sydney, Australia)

Zachary Tyler Rooney

Never far from our thoughts. xoxoxo

Sandra Haydon (Chateauguay, Qc)


Zachary passed away on Tuesday 2nd April 2013. He was 11 days overdue, he weighed 7lbs 1oz and had lots of dark hair. We also lost an unnamed child we nicknamed Pea in October that same year. He was a missed miscarriage.
We’ve since had a living baby, a little brother called Samson Noah. He was born on 12th February 2015 and looks a lot like Zachary.
Love always, Julian, Katie, Pea and Samson x x x x

Julian Randall-Stratton (Hertfordshire, England.)


Our beautiful girls were born sleeping 7th October 2011. “An angel in the book of life, Wrote down your baby”s birth, And whispered as he closed the book. Too beautiful for this world”. Love you always, Mummy and Daddy

Mel (Sydney)

Zoe Mar Rodriguez

Zoe I am so sorry that we had to say goodbye before even saying hello. We had so many dreams and hopes for you, and it is so hard to let you go. You are my little angel. You were a part of me for 23 weeks, and I still can’t believe that you are gone. You will always be in my heart. We prayed to the Lord to have you, and he answered our prayers, now we give you back to the Lord where you will live forever.

Marah Rodriguez (Indialantic )

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